Ürün Kodu-CODES Açıklama-Explanation Ölçüler-Size
4-11-02-000002 Tek Kanatlı Yangın Kapısı-SINGLE FIRE DOOR 100x210
4-11-02-000001 Çift Kanatlı Yangın Kapısı-DOUBLE LEAVES FIRE DOOR 180x210
1-11-02-000002 Tek Kanatlı Panik Barlı Yangın Kapısı-SINGLE FIRE DOOR WITH PANIC BAR 100x210
1-11-02-000003 Çift Kanatlı Panik Barlı Kilitli Yangın Kapısı-DOUBLE LEAVES FIRE DOOR WITH PANIC BAR 180x210
A YANGIN FIRE AND SECURITY SYSTEMS certified according to TS EN 16034  standart by TSE and produces according to ISO 9001:2015 quality management system terms.
ONE LEAF FIRE DOOR - C1 classifications.
DOUBLE LEAVES FIRE DOOR – C2 classifications.
Technical Specifications
  • Each piece certified
  • Stainless steel body
  • Can be designed as single or double wing with color and locks
  • Certified in El 120 class frame
  • There is a fireproof feature for 120 minutes
  • If you want, panic bar system can add for the serial escape.
  • Sound, heat and water insulation. Also, it has spread and high gloss with epoxy polyester electrostatic powder coating system.
  • Resistant to oils and chemicals. There is a friction-resistant coating. RAL color options available.
  • Special gasket and fire resistant glass can be installed. It does not leak smoke by expanding in temperature. Thus, it expands with the heat and does not leak smoke.
  • It has adjustable hinges. (right-left and inside-out opening)
  • Fire resistant hydraulic and spring hinges can be added.


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