Human resources AYG Family formed up depending on “We are manufacturing for you, for Turkey and the World” by members educated, experienced, has high sense of belonging, open for developing, worth information sharing and unity, adopted participative management mentality and working as focused on success.  
On this purpose, in order to bring up right candidates we carry out our work throughout the year and we make competency based evaluations. Some of these:
The AYG Family has the competencies and qualifications set for each position. The recruitment process is based on the candidate’s suitability of the qualifications and competencies required by the position.
♦Result oriented,
♦Open to improvement,
♦Customer sensitivity.
The planning of human resources that will ensure the effective and efficient execution of the work in our company, the placement of the appropriate candidate in the appropriate position and the planning of the development and training needs of these teammates, the determination of the competencies, the application of performance management and accordingly the career planning is the target of our Human Resources Policy.